Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit, Cartagena (Columbia), June 10-14

YBR took part at the Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit held by Youth Business International in Cartagena (Columbia) on June 10-14. The Summit brought together over 100 participants from 75 organisations across 35 countries.

During the Summit the YBI Entrepreneur of the Year award ceremony took place.

Third prize was presented to Abhishek Jacob Chetikatt, Worldish, Sweden. Abhishek Abhishek co-founded Worldish after moving to Sweden from India. His service, Helen provides real-time translation to people who dont speak Swedish or English, mainly in medical contexts. Abhishek received support from YBI member in Sweden, NyföretagarCentrum Sverige.

Second prize: Swapnil Kudale, Sky Power Industries, India. Swapnil Company, radiator manufacturing business, not only provides employment to 16 people, but it also contributes to the provision of electricity in rural villages across India. Swapnil received support from YBI member in India, Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust.

Winner: Buram Munkshuren, Mongolia, Buram set up Gobi Khan Uran LLC, clothing and handicraft business, giving jobs to disadvantaged women stock farmers in remote rural areas in Mongolia. Not only does she bring economic benefits to the local community, she also encourages the women she employs to lead their own social and economic development. Buram received support from YBI member in Mongolia, Youth Business Mongolia.

The awards ceremony was hosted by Sir Malcolm Williamson, Chairman of YBI Board of Trustees.

We congratulate our partners at Youth Business Mongolia and its manager Bat-Orshikh Erdenebat.

The Mentor of the Year award was renewed at the Summit and it is planned to present it annually.

Thirds prize: Krishnan Narayanaswami, India

Second prize: Yolanda Tarango Julián, Spain

Winner: Marcele Silva, mentor at Youth Business Brazil. Being a successful entrepreneur was not enough for Marcele. She is now a mentor with YBI member Aliança Empreendedora, where she received support several years ago and she is now providing guidance and support to entrepreneurs. Marcele is now the recipient of the YBI 2019 Mentor Recognition Award thanks to her tireless commitment and dedication to supporting her mentees to succeed.

Boris Tkachenko, CEO, YBR and member of YBI Mentoring Steering Committee, had the honour to present the prizes. Boris handed over the award to Marcele, as well as the awards for the mentors via programme managers of Youth Business India Lakshmi Venkatesan, Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust and of Youth Busienss Spain Guillem Aris, Autoocupacio.

Boris Tkachenko acted as moderator and speaker at Mentoring Future session, together with YBI Head of Mentoring Joerg Schoolmann and Chad Littlefield, We and Me, Inc.

Boris Tkachenko and Irina Gorelova conducted the session on Mentoring Days and invited the Summit participants to come to the VII International Mentoring in Entrepreneurship Days to be held on November 21-22 in Moscow.

The highlights of the discussion, speakers and summary of the sessions:

- Digital transformation and the future of entrepreneurship Nicolas Cary, Blockchain.com. How entrepreneurs shall be prepared to be competitive in rapidly changing market and why technologies really matter. The speaker called to think about future trends in technology, including computer-based education, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data transfer, social communication.

- Global trends in entrepreneurship Lina Rossi Idarraga, Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs. While the world is becoming more and more digital, what are the impacts for business development and what are the challenges for young entrepreneurs? The speaker provided basic knowledge for segmenting and understanding different types of companies that form diverse required mean.

- Human centered approach Dee Jadeja, Carlos Perafan, Accenture Development Partnerships. The key topic was: how to minimize uncertainty about innovations. The session members learned the basic principles of the approach and a set of practical methods and tools of the human centered design at organizational level.

- How to turn failure into innovation Leticia Gasca, Global Initiative for Skills Portability. Business and innovation failure is still seen as a big taboo and an unacceptable outcome. Leticia revealed, together with the summit members, the real reasons for failures based on history and personal failure stories of the members.

- How to ask right questions and get right insight Nayib Abdala, ConvertLoop. Being skilled in human centered approach is still not enough to easily resolve a difficult task of raising the right issues to reach your business goals. This seminar helped the participants set up milestones for asking right questions in order to reveal clients unmet needs and to generate new exiting ideas for product and service development.

- Connection before content: ask powerful questions Chad Littlefield, We and Me, Inc. In the world where our meetings, trainings and teams are usually focused on content, rather than positive relationships with other people, Chad is sharing specific and practical tools that can help develop the culture of building the relationships of trust and psychological safety.

- Be aware of the gap in skills Dan Ouimet, Futurpreneur; Branka Minic, Future Work Consulting; Namita Datta, S4YE Coalition; Heidi Strawson, Corporate Citizenship Accenture. The session agenda covered essential skills for young entrepreneurs that support sustain development in the constantly changing world, new skills development models and approaches for young people starting own business.

- Access to finance what and when do entrepreneurs need Provash Burden, Mercy Corps; Bady Acuña Franco, Perspektiva; Elwin Groenevelt, Qredits. It is generally assumed that funds required to start and develop business is a key issue for an entrepreneur. This session was dedicated to various types of financing instrumental at each stage of entrepreneurial activity and the best options of financial support.

- Establishment and development of online learning platforms Tatiana Rogovschi Garcia, Aliança Empreendedora. Online learning platforms provide one of the most effective and scalable tools for support of young entrepreneurs sustain development. The actual experience gained by YBI members who have delivered such platforms was presented at this session.

- How to use storytelling to shape the future of entrepreneurship Juan David Aristizábal, Los ZúperIn. In the world of informational overload the stories can penetrate through chaos, deliver the message and set meaningful links. Storytelling is a vital skill for entrepreneurs of the future. Together with Juan David, the session members learned how to teach the entrepreneurs to leverage the skill of creating your own powerful stories.

- Business models of the future Ian Gray, Gray Dot Catalyst, Anibal Pinto, Acción Emprendedora, Lakshmi Venkatesan, Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust, Ariel Tito, Manqa. With increasing competition in the market, the companies shall be more innovative in the search for new potential income and business scaling methods. The session members studied various business models that they can potentially apply at their organisaitons and recommend to entrepreneurs.

- Business scaling Ian Gray, Gray Dot Catalyst. During this session the participants got practical tools to assess their organisations readiness to scale with the use of Scale Assessment Map.

- Innovations for entrepreneurs support: YBIs future direction Round table YBI members discussed collaboration and set up priorities for the future development.

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