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SOS MENTORING 2 in the world and in Russia

Youth Business International (YBI) entrepreneurship support network, which brings together programs in 56 countries, announced the continuation of the global SOS MENTORING initiative to support 30,000 Entrepreneurs in these countries with 15,000 mentors. The Youth Business of Russia (YBR) and the Mentoring Institute are among the developers of the continuation of the initiative and will actively implement it in Russia and support it in the Russian-language programs of the YBI network.

At the VIII International Days of Mentoring in Entrepreneurship, on November 23-24, the start of SOS Mentoring 2 was announced - in English on January 27, 2021 (mentors who speak English can take part by contacting Boris Tkachenko). YBR and Mentoring Institute on February 3 will launch an adapted version of the initiative in Russian for 6 countries, as well as colleagues from Youth Business Spain - in Spanish for Latin America.

The initiative will take the form of webinars to support current mentors, which will allow them to feel more confident in the role of mentors and support their mentors during this crisis. The webinars will be attended by mentors and coordinators of programs implemented by the Mentoring Institute together with our partners in Russia, as well as mentors and program coordinators from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia. The webinars will be hosted by Boris Tkachenko and Irina Gorelova (international mentoring experts, founders of Mentoring Institute) with the invitation of colleagues and experts from other countries.

Webinar topics and dates will be annotated later.

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