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SOS MENTORING 2 in Russia and in the world

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On the 21st of July, the Mentoring Institute and Youth Business Russia held the sixth webinar for mentors in the frame of the global initiative SOS MENTORING II.


On the 16th of June, the Mentoring Institute and Youth Business Russia held the fifth webinar for mentors in the frame of the global initiative SOS MENTORING II.


On the 26th of May, the Mentoring Institute and Youth Business Russia held the fourth webinar for mentors in the frame of the global initiative SOS MENTORING II.


On the 21st of April, the Mentoring Institute and Youth Business Russia held the third webinar for mentors in the frame of global initiative SOS MENTORING II.


Youth Business Russia (YBR) in partnership with MOST Business Incubator (Kazakhstan) and supported by Youth Business International (YBI) delivered an international online training on soft skills for entrepreneurs from six countries.

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YBR Rostov oblast (Russian only)

Megatrends on boardss agenda. Russian boards survey 2014
Technological breakthroughs and the shift in global economic power attract the attention of Russian boards. The participants in the PwC Russian boards survey are members of the boards of directors of 73 Russian companies with different activities and shareholding structure.

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8th International Days of Mentoring in Entrepreneurship
Mariia Plotkina wins the Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award
IMA Expert Interview with Professor Bob Garvey

Bob Garvey is Managing Partner at The Lio Partnership and founding member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). He is also an honorary member of the International Mentoring Association (IMA) and honorary president of Coaching York.


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SOS MENTORING in Russia and in the world

Entrepreneurship support network Youth Business International (YBI), uniting youth business programmes in 56 countries worldwide has launched a new global initiative SOS MENTORING to support 30,000 entrepreneurs in the countries of presence leveraging the expertise of 15,000 mentors.

International Expert Robert Garvey (UK): Entrepreneurship as a Start in Life  sb-ugra.ru

Robert Garvey, international expert in mentoring, Professor at Sheffield Hallam University (UK) spoke at the workshop Mentoring as Living rather that a Job and shared his international experience in mentoring. The workshop took place on the 19th of May in Surgut.

- We will consider mentoring from different aspects, will review key skills and abilities of a mentor. Things are constantly changing and evolving and to be in the forefront one should be aware of the relevant information. Nowadays entrepreneurship is the only hope and way of survival for many people, since government owned companies cant provide sufficient jobs. Entrepreneurship can give start in life and the earning capability.

Youth Business Success Stories, cooperation with Center-Invest Bank. Mentoring  centrinvest.ru

The brochure Youth business and Center Invest Bank, success stories. Mentoring tells about the unique in Russia experience of cooperation between the bank and Youth Business Russia programme designed to provide comprehensive support for young entrepreneurs. Center Invest is the first bank that not only introduced a special credit proposal without mortgage or guarantee for young beginners, but organized training via the banks Financial Literacy Centre and involved the Banks key clients, experienced entrepreneurs, to act as mentors.

Bank helped young people to start doing business  gorodn.ru

Youth business development gained pace significantly in the recent 3-5 years. New economic environment calls for new generation of entrepreneurs young, dynamic and modern people capable of being at the forefront of business, economics and public activity.

Maria Khristolyubova, Center-Invest Bank: There were no delays in our credits repayment  bankir.ru

Advantages of working with ladies entrepreneurs, specific features of business crediting and other items covered in the interview given by Maria Khristolyubova, Corporate Client Deputy Director, Center-Invest Bank, to Bankir.Ru.

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