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The workshop “Compliance Control in accordance with UK Bribery Act”

Anti Bribery Act raises demands in compliance control sphere. Companies shall set up effective compliance schemes, that would control the ethics of employees’ behavior and reveal fraud cases, check business integrity of counter agents and duly cut out opaque partnership schemes, jeopardizing compliance with international regulators’ requirements.

Compliance function is just being built in Russian companies currently, while being improved at international companies, however, despite the gap between development stages of compliance level, the exchange of practical experience is crucial for both processes.

The workshop “Compliance Control in accordance with Anti Bribery Act” provides a unique opportunity to learn how Russian and international companies implement compliance practices and to study various aspects of corporate compliance schemes.

In the course of two-hour workshop, the participants will master new instruments of coordination of corporate anti-corruption measures, exchange opinions and experience in case discussion and decision-making, study practical cases of violation of compliance rules and following consequences.

To register please address Yelena Yelagina at Yelena.Yelagina@iblf.ru, for additional information please call + 7 499 929 7955. Admission is free.


The event is in frame of Siemens Integrity Initiative project.

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