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Top Management Role in Prevention of Corruption Fraud Risk

What to do in case of serious evidence of major fraud inside a company? Each executive officer has to deal with the issue at least once in his or her career. Despite seeming plainness of the solution, it rarely comes to successful court proceedings and compensation of company’s losses. Majority of directors prefers not to wash dirty linen in public and brings everything to public notice seldom or never, neither outside nor inside the company.

  • Whether this approach is justified in the context of long-term development strategy?
  • Risks and opportunities of clear-cut approach of the company: bringing a case to public and holding frauds liable through court action?

Meeting participants will learn about personal experience in dealing with such situations from:

  • Sergey Frank, General Director, Sovkomflot (confirmed)
  • Vladimir Mosny, General Manager, HILTI (confirmed)
  • Dietrich Moeller, President, Siemens Russia (to be confirmed)

20 chief executive officers of Russian and international companies will meet at a round table to exchange experience and to discuss these issues on the 9th of April.

Andrey Bougrov, Managing Director, Interros, will act as discussion Moderator.

Private meeting of Russian and international top managers will be held at the offices of Sovkomflot in Moscow at 6 Gasheka street.

Admittance by invitation only. Event language is Russian.

Registration of participants:  by e-mail: yelena.yelagina@iblf.org or by telephone 8 (499) 929 79 55.

The event is in frame of Siemens Integrity Initiative project.

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