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When confidence is lost...labour relations if an employee is caught causing wilful damage to the employer

Compliance practice is gradually appearing in Russia. Zero tolerance of corporate corruption is becoming a key principle of corporate culture and the foundation for effective anti-fraud schemes. Employees do not currently perceive corporate investigations as critical to business, but rather as a method to prevent dishonesty among employees. However in Russia companies face a complicated situation after an investigation has been completed: notwithstanding direct evidence of the dishonest actions of an employee, in practice it is very difficult to fire him/her or to obtain compensation for the damage to the company. Dismissal by mutual agreement of the parties is unacceptable for the company in terms of ideology, while the Russian Labour Code provides no other alternative.

Or is there an alternative?!

This issue will be the centre of the discussion to be held as part of the seminar “When confidence is lost... labour relations if an employee is caught causing wilful damage to the employer”.

Seminar moderator E. Reyzman, Council, Baker & McKenzie


Opening address. An employer’s legal response to the wilful harmful actions of an employee.

E. Reyzman, Council, Baker & McKenzie

Prevent the covering up of traces. Organisation and implementation of an internal investigation: legal and practical aspects.

D. Nikitin, Projects Director, JSC MTS

Internal investigations: when external experts are needed

Dismissal – Impossible: Retention - Unthinkable... The employers response under the Labour Code.

. Kukushkina, Lawyer, Baker & McKenzie

Detective Gleb Zheglov was right (a thief's place is in prison!)! The employers initiation and support of criminal prosecution of the employee.

. Abouzov, Lawyer, Baker & McKenzie

Once upon a time (case study)...

Preventive measures against employees unethical behaviour Emersons experience.

. Samoilenko, Head of Legal Department, Emerson

Internal investigations: when external experts are needed.

R.Hawes CFE, CAMS, Senior Consultant, Russia and CIS, Corporate Investigations, Control Risks



International Business Leaders Forum in Russia (IBLF Russia) and Baker & McKenzie.

The seminar will take place on June 7, 2012, at Sadovaya Plaza Business Centre at:

Baker & McKenzie, 7 Dolgorukovskaya Street, 12th floor.

Registration starts at 14.30, Seminar begins at 15.00. Attendance free.

To register please contact Yelena Yelagina on Yelena.Yelagina@iblf.org, +7 499 929 79 55

The seminar is being held under the Siemens Integrity Initiative

Information Partner: ICA

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