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Giving Voice to Values Master Class

Master Class

 Giving Voice to Values

Mary S. Gentile - Ph.D., founder and director of the programme «Giving Voice to Values», first launched at Aspen Institute for Yale School of Management. The programme is successfully working at Babson College (Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA), where Mary Gentile is currently managing teaching process, lecturing and consulting on education issues. Babson College is internationally acknowledged leader among MBA schools in entrepreneurial management education through the innovational teaching programmes. Mary Gentile authored numerous books and articles. Her programme is used for pilot projects at more than 150 business schools and organizations world-wide and forms the basis of the book «Giving Voice to Values» (published by Yale University Press, 2010).


Key Topics of the Discussion:


ü   How to switch over from abstract debates about ethical principles to their practical implementation?

ü   How to acquire the skills of ethical behaviour and to overcome the challenges of double-bind or triple-standard situations where most of us tend to feel at a loss, being unable to decide what to do?

ü   What should you do when you encounter unethical behaviour?



Date:  28 September 2012, 15:30

Venue: Moscow State University Business School, (building one), room 204

The language of Master Class is English!

To participate at Master Class please register at vasilyeva@mgubs.ru

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