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II Social Business Forum

Welcome to the 2nd Russian Social Business Forum to be held in Moscow on October 23, 2012, on the premises of the RF Ministry of Economic Development.

The event is partnered by the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF).

It is the 3rd year that the international conferences devoted to the issues of social business have been held in Moscow at the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia. Such events are traditionally highly professional and representative. Notably, last October the first Russian Social Business Forum arranged by the Russian Microfinance Center and Grameen Creative Lab (Germany) was attended by the Nobel Peace Prize winner and Grameen Group founder Professor Muhammad Yunus.

This year the main topics of the Forum are going to deal with the building of social business support infrastructure, issues of state support of this economy sector and the ways of addressing the problems of depressed regions by using the concepts of social business.

Special attention will be paid to the issues of developing Social Business Funds system in single-industry towns and raising the efficiency of corporate social responsibility programs. Those issues, as well as many other topics related to the social development of our country, will be addressed by leading Russian and international experts.

Intention to take part in the Forum has been confirmed by Alexander Balfour, founder of Divine Chocolate Ltd, a major producer of chocolate in the US and British markets. The company was voted Best Social Enterprise in 2007 thanks to its unique fair trade system where the farmers growing cocoa own 45% of the company equity and share in its profits.

For details please visit Forum web site www.forum.socbiz.pro or социальныйбизнес.рф.

The event will start at 10:00 a.m. Registration starts at 9:30 a.m.

at 18/1 Ovchinnikovskaya Embankment, RF Ministry of Economic Development.  

If you wish to take part in the Forum, please, e-mail a completed registration form not later than October 15, 2012, at sbforum@rusmicrofinance.ru or fax at +7 (495) 258-87-09.

More detailed information on the Forum

To get the latest information watch our updating and news. If you have any further questions about the agenda or details of presentations, do not hesitate to contact Ivan Biryukov, Head of Social Business Programs at the Russian Microfinance Center, telephone +7 (495) 258-8705, 258-68-31, extension 108 or by e-mail ibiryukov@rmcenter.ru.

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