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The II INTERNATIONAL FORUM “Socially Responsible Business as a Basis for Sustainable Economic Development”

In December 2011, Mirbis held a large international research and practice conference devoted to these issues, which was arranged to coincide with the Institute's anniversary. As a result, a recommendation was adopted to make this forum ongoing and hold annual discussions of various topical problems related to the interaction between business community and business education in the context of social responsibility.

The next Forum is planned for December 6, 2012, facing the 24th anniversary of Misbis Institute.

Its aim is to:

  • reflect on the new challenges facing business community and business education within the framework of recommendations of the UN Conference on Rio+20 Sustainable Development and taking into account Russia’s ascension to WTO.
  • assess practicability of the Russian business and business education to respond to the new challenges in a most effective way.

It is envisaged to:

  • focus on discussing the results and recommendations of the UN Conference on Rio+20 Sustainable Development (June 2012, Rio de Janeiro) and the new challenges posed to Russian business by the country's ascension to WTO;
  • analyze new roles of business in the society in the context of social responsibility;
  • share the experience of various business schools in introducing the social responsibility topics in their curricula.

If you wish to participate in the Forum, please, contact the Center for Corporate Social Responsibility, Mirbis,
telephone: (multichannel) (495) 921-41-80 extension 215
FAX (495) 662-78-82
E-mail: csr@mirbis.ru
building 7, 34 Marksistskaya Street, Moscow,
Mirbis Moscow International Higher Business School (Institute), 7th floor, Conference Hall.

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