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Global Entrepreneurship Week Survey

The initiators of Global Entrepreneurship Week welcome you to take part in the global survey to be held in the coming month to evaluate entrepreneurs’ expertise and help them make new strategic decisions that will determine future activities of the existing businesses and startups. 

The Survey questionnaire is available in the Russian language at http://www.unleashingideas.org/content/gew-policy-survey-2013-russian  

According to the organizers’ intention, your answers will contribute to the comprehensive report on the state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in our country. The results will be published to show the most critical areas of the government policy where major efforts should be exerted in order to stimulate formation and growth of new businesses. The main aim of the survey is to capture the views and opinions of entrepreneurs, particularly those who exhibit rapid growth or have potential and determination of achieving growth in the nearest future. The names of the respondents and their associated businesses will be kept confidential. 

Deadline for completing the questionnaire is September 15, 2013.

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