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Mentor meeting in the frame of SOS Mentoring III

On May 19, a regular mentor meeting in the frame of SOS Mentoring III programme was held to continue discussion of business adaptation to new needs and challenges of the time.

The meeting was moderated by experienced entrepreneurs, mentors and partners of "Coaching Residence" Yaroslavna Kolomijtseva and Yulia Kozlova (Krasnodar). We thank them again for their work!

Split in teams, we studied basic values and challenges having an affect over us and our businesses.

We also discussed how to deal with challenges:

🔸 What and how they affect?

🔸 What are the opportunities provided by these challenges for us, for team, for partners, for clients?

🔸 How to apply these opportunities?

🔸 What are the risks associated with challenges?

🔸 How to prevent and/or mitigate impact?

🔸 What shall be adapted and pivoted?

🔸 How many strategies there are for continuing business and what are they?

Yulia and Yaroslavna told about their experience: what are the common changes they encounter nowadays in their roles as mentors, consultants and business owners, what to look forward to, what shall be pivoted and how, what are the obstacles, what helps to feel confident and to continue business activity in times of uncertainty.

Be pleased to meet you again!

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