SOS Mentoring III Marketing, promotion and sales channels in todays reality

The third mentor meeting in the frame of SOS Mentoring III “Marketing, promotion and sales channels in today’s reality” was held on the 28th of April.

Two speakers participated in this meeting. Being accomplished entrepreneurs, they shared their knowledge and useful recommendations based on personal experience.

Oksana Shmakova, mentor from Khanty-Mansiysk-Yugra explained:

  • Which marketing instruments no longer work, and what is not worth time and money for business.
  • How to get your clients buy more, come back more often and be ready to recommend your services.

Vyacheslav Bogomolov, mentor from Novosibirsk, spoke about his experience with social media and messengers useful for business and personal brand development nowadays:

  • Migration of audience segments in the context of changes in 2022.
  • Review of current and new platforms.
  • TenChat: business social network in Russia.
  • Xing: business social network in Europe.
  • Telegram and VK: no-money and low-budget tools of promotion and lead generation.

As ever, the meeting was extremely useful, the participants contributed their recommendations and personal life hacks, asked questions and actively engaged in talks.

We look forward to meeting mentors at our next event on the 19th of May to continue discussion of business adaptation in connection with new requirements and challenges of the time.

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