SOS Mentoring III Adaptation of business strategy in 2022 crisis

The second mentor meeting in the frame of SOS Mentoring III programme “Adaptation of business strategy in 2022 crisis” took place on the 14th of April.

The topics discussed:

🔸 Specific features of each type of strategy

🔸 Relevant niches

🔸 Communication patterns in crisis

🔸 Team contribution into anti-crisis management

🔸 Marketing and education trends that help business survival

🔸 6 tips on building relationship with team and mentees during elaboration and implementation of anti-crisis strategy

The speaker Anastasia Romanenko is a strategic business advisor, CEO of APORTAL.pro consulting company;founder of online business planning academy Aportal.Academy; guest speaker at universities and conferences;mentor at international accelerators for entrepreneurs (including social entrepreneurs); certified coacher, member of St. Petersburg Speaker Association.

We look forward to meeting mentors at our next event on the 28th of April Marketing, promotion and sales channels in today’s reality.

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