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Financial Literacy Programme


The Challenge

  • Only 0,5% of population in Russia plan their personal or family budget more than for 1 year ahead
  • More than 70% of people don’t have any kind of insurance
  • About 70% of people don’t know what to do about their future pensions
  • 40% of population don’t use bank products
  • 40% of active population believe that government return them their investments in the case of failure

IBLF Involvement

Main goals of Financial literacy program by IBLF are:

  • Increase awareness of financial literacy and its benefits;
  • Encourage people to engage with financial information and resources and take ownership of their sustainable future;
  • Help to obtain knowledge, skills and willingness to make competent financial decisions;
  • Improve business effectiveness, market sustainability, fairness, confidence, and growth of economy.

The Program include the following activities:

Web site www.azbukafinansov.ru

  • Free on-line consultations
  • Lessons and manuals for students and teachers;
  • Information for adults about saving, credits, investments, budgeting, pensions, credit stories, bank services, consumers rights and responsibilities;
  • Financial literacy for small business
  • Useful web sites and resources on financial literacy

Financial literacy education for employees

  • seminars and consultations (on-line and in-person) on personal finance regarding:
  • Personal financial planning
  • Russian and foreign investment instruments
  • Credits and financial risks of personal insolvency
  • Insurance
  • Pension plans
  • Personal taxation etc.

Publications on Financial Literacy

  • A book for pupils on personal finance and a manual for teachers
  • A book for students and adults on personal finance
  • Articles in leading newspapers and magazines

Financial literacy events

  • Round tables for experts in financial literacy
  • Annual conferences on financial literacy

Financial literacy research projects

  • Financial literacy measurement
  • Current initiatives in financial literacy etc.

Cooperation with other web-sites on financial literacy

  • Materials exchange
  • Editing help
  • References exchange etc.

Progress to date in Russia

  • more than 150 000 people have visited www.azbukafinansov.ru
  • over 400 visitors have used on-line consultations on personal finance
  • 2 major companies have introduced corporate consultations on personal finance, over 150 employees have been advised on effective personal finance management
  • books “Financial Literacy” aimed at students and adults and "Financial Literacy for Schollchildren" have been published and is available at www.azbukafinansov.ru for free download
  • a study of the level of financial literacy has been conducted
  • 2 major conferences devoted to financial literacy have been conducted with the number of visitors exceeding 300 people 

Contacts: Natalia Smirnova, Financial Literacy Programme Manager, editor of educational web-portal (www.azbukafinansov.ru), Natalia.Smirnova@iblf.ru

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