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IBLF RUSSIA REPORT. July 2010 December 2011

Improving Business ethics and reducing risk of corruption
Experience of Russian and multinational companies.

Managing Environmental Risks. Russian and International Experience (in Russian)
The publication, which was sponsored by Closed Joint-Stock Company Energy Forecasting Agency, is the result of a series round-table on the subject of Business and the Environment which IBLF organised in 2008-9 and which was attended by senior executives of over 50 Russian and Multinational companies. In the publication, which is directed at business leaders, operations and environmental executives in companies in Russia, are examples of best practices of major companies in managing environmental challenges and also taking up new investment opportunities provided by changing environmental priorities. Companies featured in the publication include Severstal, Rusal, TNK-BP, Coca-Cola, Industrial Investors and others. There is also a useful overview of the governments environmental strategy, a list of recent environmental legislation affecting business operations, and a reference list of useful links to environmental organisation in Russia and abroad.

Make your Life Work! Best practices in partnerships between business, NGOs and government in attracting young people into social and economic life (in Russian)
Edited by Elena Korf.
This publication was put together by IBLF with the support of business association Delovaya Rossia (Business Russia), TsrnO (Centre for development of NGOs, St. Petersburg) and the EUs TACIS which was funding the programme. The book includes best practices of leading Russian and international companies such as RBS, Citi, Rusal, TMK, Evraz. It features some strong arguments for corporate engagement in developing youth, especially as part of a strategy of community and regional development.

Improving Business Standards in Russia. Actions and Results
Applying sound business standards can contribute directly to improved competitiveness, but reputation has to be earned and won through authentic engagement and demonstrable measured action, not just through PR and communications. Improvement in business behaviour, on ethics, transparency, health and safety, labour standards and the environment, demands that corporate leaders engage in collective action across a wide range of issues. This is particularly important in business communities where business leadership and corporate behaviour are perceived to be poor, unfair and dishonest. While Russia poses severe and special challenges due to its history and the transition, and while change is clearly taking place, these lessons learned in North America and Europe, as well as in other key emerging markets, apply equally to the Russian market. If business leaders do not address the issues of business standards they risk the negative impacts of loss of commercial opportunities, exclusion from international markets and indiscriminate and damaging regulation. If business does not lead on standards, others such as governments, populist politicians, the media, NGOs and activists will regulate or demand regulation.

Improving Business Standards in Russia demonstrates why high standards of corporate governance are imperatives for Russia companies, and shows how leading companies such as Troika Dialog, TNK-BP, UNited Energy Systems and SUEK are improving transparency in the supply chain, developing internal audit systems and tackling corruption. This publication is the culmination of a six-month programme of Moscow-based round tables on "Corporate Governance in Practice" which was supported by Baker & McKenzie, Ernst & Young and KPMG, and the report has been sponsored by TNK-BP. It was formally presented to the business community at IBLF's Second Russian Business Summit, which was held on 25th June 2007 at the London Stock Exchange.

Healthy Society. Healthy Business
This publication summarizes best practices and describes progressive approaches to health and safety. It presents and evaluates corporate contributions towards improving the health of the Russian population. The Report presents case studies on work-based health programs as well as safety management.


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