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Giving voice to values

On the September 25th in the Malyi Hall of the Library of Foreign Literature IBLF, TI and CFBE host a meeting with the author of the book “Giving Voice to Values” Mary Gentile, PhD., Director and Senior Research Scholar, Babson College, USA. Registration is now open.
The meeting is free of charge, but seats are limited.

Despite the activities of the regulators bound to maintain civilized behaviour of people, the work of educators striving to instil ethical values in their students, the efforts of compliance managers and auditors, the number of reports on bribery, financial fraud and corporate scandals continues to grow. Company employees still avoid using the hot line to inform of unprincipled behaviour of their colleagues, while corporate codes of ethics gather dust on shelves.
This happens although various surveys show that the majority of people share the values of honesty, justice and freedom.
The gap between what people know and how they act is obvious. The creator of the Giving Voice to Values method and pedagogy, Mary Gentile, is building a bridge which helps to switch over from abstract debates about ethical principles to their practical implementation.  
Her methodology suggests ways to acquire the skills of ethical behaviour and to overcome the challenges of double-bind or triple-standard situations where most of us tend to feel at a loss, being unable to decide what to do.
What should you do when you encounter unethical behaviour? That is the main question Mary Gentile will address and be solving together with you.
The presentation will be in English with Russian translation.

Mary C. Gentile - founder and Director of «Giving Voice to Values», and Senior Research Scholar at Babson College, Wellesley, USA. Previously, from 1985 to 1995 she taught at Harvard Business School; she has consulted on management training and leadership development, and authored numerous books and articles.  Her program is used by over 250 schools and organizations on all seven continents, and is available in Russian language.

You are welcome to send your application by email before September, 21 to Elena Abramova (International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF), Helen.abramova@iblf.ru).
Please note that attendance is free but may be limited.
Registration starts at 16.00 on the 25th of September.
Queries about the event can be addressed to:
IBLF  by phone: +7 499 9297955 and e-mail: Helen.abramova@iblf.ru to Elena Abramova          
Center for Business Ethics and Corporate Governance by e-mail: dowden@ethicsrussia.org to Patricia Dowden

The event is in frame of Siemens Integrity Initiative.
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