In the course of the Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit, Youth Business International (YBI) international network and Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) research centre published the results of their joint global study titled Generation Entrepreneur? The state of global youth entrepreneurship and dedicated to the current state of youth entrepreneurship in the world.
The authors of the study expressed gratitude for assistance in the work to Manager of Youth Business Russia program Boris Tkachenko and Daniil Kruglikov, a Russian entrepreneur and a member of the YBR program.

Over 400 delegates from more than forty countries of the world came together in London to participate in the annual Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit organized by Youth Business International (YBI) international network.
Invited by the YBI network management, a delegation of Youth Business Russia program led by Boris Tkachenko, Head of IBLF Branch Office in Russia, Manager of YBR Programme, attended the event.

Owing to the YBR Programme and the unique achievements of its members in Russia, the case study of the Voronezh Region entrepreneurs Igor Zaboyev and Pyotr Boykovwas citedat the web site of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall’s Fund.

The position on Transparency and Anti-corruption of the business leaders, headed by Andrei Bougrov, has been involved into the Final document of the G20 Summit - theDeclaration of the G20 Heads of State.

On the eve of the 2013 G20 Summit, the B20 Task Force on Transparency and Anti-corruption has presented theLetterto the G20 Heads of State and its Recommendations.

With the involvement of partnering companies in streamlining the process of public procurement, the Moscow Government has made significant advance in drafting new procedures of developing standard contracts for the city.

Youth Business International experts held a presentation on young entrepreneur mentorship for the participants of Youth Business Russia and Youth Business Ukraine in St. Petersburg.  

YBR Programme held a training course for its future trainers on July 10 - 12 in Moscow. Attending the event were YBR coordinators from all six programme regions and experts from the Voronezh Oblast and Primorsky Kray, which cooperate with YBR in the field of education of young entrepreneurs.

Head of IBLF Branch Office in Russia Boris Tkachenko and IBLF Senior Consultant Polina Kalnitskaya took part in the meeting of the anticorruption working group within the framework of the international project called Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) at Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance in Berlin.

Two new workshops on mentorship, Mentor, a Road to Success and Mentors Road, were held in Moscow within the framework of the Youth Business Russia Programme by its Manager Boris Tkachenko.  

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