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Press-conference in Krasnodar about the launch of YBR in Krasnodarsky krai

On the 11th of September, press conference on the launch of the Youth Business Russia (YBR) Programme in Krasnodar Region was held in the offices of RBC Krasnodar branch. The press conference was attended by Elena Trakhtenberg, Deputy Director for Operations, YBR Programme, Grigory Zhukov, Chairman of the Management Board of the Center Invest Bank and Inna Chigareva from Business Russia Krasnodar branch. The members of the press conference told about the mission and tasks of the YBR Programme and programme performance in the neighbor Rostov Region, also supported by Center Invest Bank. In the framework of the press conference, the participants also answered journalists’ questions on youth entrepreneurship development both in Russia and worldwide.

Inna Chigareva, YBR Coordinator for Krasnodar Region, called for young entrepreneurs applications and announced launch of the first School of Entrepreneurs (on September 22-25): http://msb.timepad.ru/event/114315/.

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