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Budding Entrepreneur School

Entrepreneurship Development Fund of Voronezh Region, microfinance organization, held a 3-day intensive practical training (24 hours) on own business set up and development for budding and potential entrepreneurs, in the framework of Youth Business Russia support package for young entrepreneurs in Voronezh Region.

The workshop took place on December 8 to 10, 2015, in partnership with the Management, Marketing and Finance Institute, Voronezh Regional Public Organisation “Civic Assembly Leader”, Furniture from Italy store and Digital Production Doctornet.pro.

The following topics were covered:

  • Why do you need this business?
  • Setting the goals and allocation of tasks of the business
  • Value for customer: key clients, products and market
  • SWOT analysis
  • Business mechanics and building business matrix
  • Practical issues of business start
  • Business expenditures
  • Sources of finance
  • Sales technique
  • Marketing and building client base and business connections
  • Business control
  • Emergency management
  • Summing-up and revision of goals and tasks
  • Profit allocation

The Entrepreneurship Development Fund of Voronezh Region and Youth Business Russia intend to carry out the Budding Entrepreneur School on a regular basis in 2016.

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