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Global outcome of Accenture Russia and IBLF Russia Joint Project

The joint project of Accenture Russia and IBLF Russia has been completed in August 2016.

The large scale work on support of budding and active entrepreneurs has been implemented in 7 Russian regions through this strategic partnership during the period of 5 months.

The project has been delivered in the frame of Youth Business Russia in Voronezh, Kaluga, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Kirov and Primorye regions and in the city of Moscow.

Thanks to the project implementation, young entrepreneurs received complex advice and informational support, access to funding and mentor’s help.

Project outcome

Over 700 entrepreneurs were advised by experts and practice businessmen.

Entrepreneurial and financial literacy training, as well as mentoring practice seminars have been delivered to over one thousand budding and young entrepreneurs with business track record of more than one year.

87 entrepreneurs received mentoring support during the project period.

Over 50 networking events were organised in these regions and were attended by a total of 1364 participants.

278 jobs have been set up by the young and budding entrepreneurs during the project period.

The joint project of Accenture Russia and IBLF Russia sets a remarkable example of modern partnership in creation and development of effective entrepreneurship in Russia.

We are very grateful to our partner Accenture Russia for fruitful and exciting cooperation. Together, we provide opportunity for thousands of young people in Russia to implement their entrepreneurial ideas and to carry out successful business operations.

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