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Launch of Youth Business Russia in Tomsk Region

We are happy to announce the launch of Youth Business Russia in Tomsk on the 7th of October!

YBR is focused on assisting young people who decided to start and develop their own business, formation of youth entrepreneurship community and implementation of best practice in business support including advice, training, access to financing, networking and mentoring.

The key element of YBR programme is mentoring which implies a one-to-one communication between budding entrepreneur and an experienced businessman (mentor) who helps the mentee to develop his/her business on a voluntary and free-of-charge basis.

On the 7th of October in Tomsk, Boris Tkachenko, YBR Programme CEO and Irina Gorelova, YBR coordinator in Voronezh Region, held the seminar for mentees, and the seminar for mentors and matching on the 8th of October. The first matches meetings took place on the next day, on the 9th of October.

YBR proved to be very interesting for young entrepreneurs in Tomsk, especially in terms of mentoring, as 25 potential participants were registered just within two weeks. As a result 12 matches have been formed. Most of them talked for over an hour during their first meeting.

The matches will be meeting regularly from now on, and each YBR member mentee will enjoy mentor’s support as well as advice and training from YBR on various business related issues.

YBR in Tomsk Region is being implemented by Non-for-Profit Partnership “Innovation Technologies Promotion Business Partners”, with support from Small and Medium Business Development Fund of Tomsk Region and in close liaison with IBLF Russia, organization implementing YBR nationwide since 2008.

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