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Mentoring session at the IIIrd Voronezh Entrepreneurship Forum, November 18, 2016

Boris Tkachenko and Irina Gorelova held a “mentoring session” at the IIIrd Voronezh Entrepreneurship Forum on the 18th November, 2016.

The session was prepared by IBLF Russia, Institute of Mentoring, ScaleUp and Centre for Entrepreneurship.

The session showed mentoring in entrepreneurship on-stream. During the session, about 30 budding entrepreneurs had a chance to have an individual talk with two mentors each, to ask vital questions and get valuable feedback, all with the use of practical mentoring tools, including in matches meeting, preparation for meetings necessarily followed by self-analysis, and getting ready for the next meeting followed by self-analysis as well. At the final closure of the mentoring session mentors and mentees told about the results of their meetings.

Among the mentors were well-known and successful entrepreneurs from Voronezh Region, including mentors involved in Youth Business Russia and the regional entrepreneur acceleration programme:

  • Pavel Busygin – owner of Perfetto Caffe chain;
  • Vladimir Khvan co-founder, Champion company, Director, Diamond Broker;
  • Vyatcheslav Fedoseev CEO Digital Production Doctornet.pro, Director of Voronezh Branch of the Internet Development Institute, Directors Club, Founder and Director of Mediametrix Voronezh, head of IT Expert Group at the Federation Council of the Russian Federation;
  • Natalia Vlasova Founder and Director, foreign language school International Center Linguist;
  • Natalia Papina Head of PAPA’S SHOP (PAPINA LAVKA), supplier of natural food;
  • Vladimir Varnavsky Project Manager, McKinsey (Moscow), managing its own business in IT and strategy consulting for multinational companies, INSEAD MBA;
  • Rita Litavrina Chairman of the Boards of Directors, Group of Companies Healthy City, member of Voronezh Regional Association Civic Assembly Leader.

Participants comments:

It was a great event!

First, I have structured and penciled several what-to-do items, and have completed some of them. As a result, I have understood why one of my clients was unhappy, signed up an additional order, so now I shall apply in practice the recommendations on contract terms for the other contracts.

Second, I have got an assignment and am now doing cost estimates to make a detailed proposal.

Third, thanks to self-analysis (great stuff), I have not only got the energy boost, but specific recommendations.

Fourth, I was amazed with the frankness and open-mindedness of the two entrepreneurs I have met. They have just explained some things that were unclear for me, and shared many interesting facts, also just for a thank you. It was very exemplary for me to watch them thinking and finding decisions with me together.

Thank you very much for organizing it, my gratitude to Vladimir Khvan and Pavel Busygin for their time and attention to my concerns. It was a pleasure to talk with them.


At the mentoring session I have met with Vyatcheslav Fedoseev and Natalia Vlasova, which was an exciting experience. I have learnt a lot in just little time. A fresh look is very valuable, especially by successful people. Based on new information we have started a research. It exceeded our expectations, I did not know it was going to be so cute! At the session, I have asked one question, and then other questions and received very explanatory answers. It would be great to have a personal mentor if you can get into the essence of business and business issues in 3 minutes here, what can it be if we interact for a long time and on a regular basis! Thank you for this opportunity!

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