On May 18, Robert Garvey, Boris Tkachenko and Irina Gorelova held the master-class/webinar for mentors

On May 18, mentoring experts Robert Garvey, Boris Tkachenko and Irina Gorelova held the master class and webinar in Google Russia offices designed for experienced mentors, acting and potential mentors on Business Class Programme being implemented by Google and Sberbank. The mentors who participated onsite or online have obtained new knowledge on online mentoring peculiarities and settled their concerns that arose in the process of communication with their mentees. The workshop was moderated by Maria Zlenko of Google, Business Class Programme Director.

Robert Garvey, one of the leading academic practitioners of mentoring, Professor at Sheffield Hallam University (York, UK), author of books and studies on mentoring, YBI Mentoring Peer Wisdom Group member and external consultant and the member of YBI mentoring working group, entrepreneur and mentor;

Boris Tkachenko, co-founder and CEO of IBLF Russia and Institute of Mentoring, CEO, Youth Business Russia Programme, Chairman of the YBI Strategy Implementation Steering Committee, YBI Mentoring Peer Wisdom Group member, mentor, Robert Garveys mentee (Moscow);

Irina Gorelova, Project Director, Institute of Mentoring, Youth Business Russia, Regional Coordinator in Voronezh, entrepreneur, mentor (Voronezh).

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