Summing up of the Mentoring in Entrepreneurship project in Ryazan

Boris Tkachenko’s eventful schedule in Ryazan on the 27th of June included assisting his colleagues in matching and holding the meetings of two new matches, delivering a seminar on mentors skills upgrade, meeting with the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ryazan Region to discuss the issues of Youth Business Russia programme implementation.

The highlight of the day was summing up of the Mentoring in Entrepreneurship project, awarding certificates of gratitude to mentors for their support of their mentees during the recent year, acknowledgements by mentees and the words of thanks by mentors to their mentees for the mentors personal growth, acknowledgements for Ekaterina Geraskina, regional coordinator, who supervised the matches and held mentors club meetings during the year and for Boris Tkachenko for rendering training and support for mentors and mentees support of the project team.

Summing up was followed by informal talk when the participants discussed mutual understanding between mentor and mentee and Boris Tkachenko held the role play that allowed the participants really hear each other better.

Feedback by the project participants

Julia Korichneva, mentee, general manager, I Love Montessori kindergarten: “The project is vitally important for a beginner. When starting a business, entrepreneurs commonly have to learn via trial and error and work practically blindfold. While with a mentor, one might not just overcome some obstacles, but to reach more significant results in business. The mentors experience and fresh eye provides a valuable help and support. I have already achieved some goals that would have otherwise taken me years".

Alexey Pamshev, mentor, CEO, Success Stone Overseas Corp. LLC: "There seems to be no practical reason to be a mentor, but I saw the other side of the story when Ive joined the programme. Indeed, it does not provide any material benefit. However mentoring brings tremendous inspiration. Now, communicating with my mentee, I realize how my understanding of his scenario and my suggested solutions helped him. We managed not just launch the business but to grow it substantially. Thats great! I feel very happy and satisfied with what we have done together. It is very important to know that my experience can give a start for someones growth. Besides meeting new people with another view over business processes allows me to develop new view point. Mentoring definitely is a bilateral and comprehensive process".

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