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The Outcomes of Accenture Russia and IBLF Russia Joint Project

The joint project of Accenture Russia and IBLF Russia has been completed in August.

Thanks to this strategic partnership the large-scale work on support of budding and acting entrepreneurs was implemented in 11 Russian regions during 7 months.

The project has been implemented in the frame of Youth Business Russia programme.

As a result, young entrepreneurs obtained complex consulting and information support, access to finance and mentor support.

Outcomes of the project.

Over 900 entrepreneurs received consultations from experts and experienced businessmen.

The support through entrepreneurial and financial literacy upgrade and information on mentoring partnership rules was rendered to over 1600 beginners and young entrepreneurs running their business for over one year.

107 entrepreneurs received mentoring support during the project period.

About 57 networking events were organized in different regions and were visited by 1830 participants in total.

Young entrepreneurs have set up 360 jobs during the project period.

The joint project of Accenture Russia and IBLF Russia is a remarkable example of modern partnership between companies aimed at establishment and development of effective entrepreneurship in Russia.

We thank our partners Accenture Russia for fruitful and exciting cooperation. Together we create an opportunity for thousands of young people in Russia to implement their business ideas and develop a successful enterprise.

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