Rostov Startup Forum-2017

On August 18, Rostov Startup Forum-2017 organised by the Ministry of Economic Development of Rostov Region was held at the premises of Under the Roof co-working (Municipal Centre for Entrepreneurial Development New Rostov). The Forum was attended by young people under 30 planning to start own business, beginners and shrewd businessmen. Boris Tkachenko, CEO, Youth Business Russia (YBR) and Mentoring Institute, spoke at the opening of the Forum and held the Seminar on mentoring in entrepreneurship. At the seminar, Boris colleagues shared their experience in mentoring, including Yuri Filippenko, mentor, and Maria Khristolyubova, YBR regional coordinator in Rostov and Deputy Head on SME, Center Invest Bank. After the seminar, several experienced entrepreneurs volunteered to become mentors and many young people desired to get a mentors support.

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