The Fifth International Days of Mentoring in Entrepreneurship held on November 23-24

The Mentoring Days were organized by Youth Business Russia (YBR) and Mentoring Institute team in partnership with Youth Business International, Google Russia and Centre for Entrepreneurship.

95% of the participants took part in all the events on the agenda and stayed through the whole programme. Among the participants there were practicing and potential mentors, mentoring programme coordinators, the people who wanted to start such programmes, mentees and young entrepreneurs seeking for mentoring support.

International mentoring experts spoke at the events:

- John Cull, entrepreneur, mentor, he has 20-year experience of mentoring and helped to set up mentoring practice in the framework of youth business support programmes in 30 countries of Youth Business International (YBI) presence.

- Joanne Gray, mentor, head of mentoring at YBI, supporting her colleagues in 50 countries, she has 15-year experience in mentoring, including 10 years of joint work with Professor David Clutterbuck at EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council).


- Google Russia provided excellent premises for the events. Maria Zlenko, Business Class project manager, implemented by Google Russia and Sberbank, organized all logistics at Google Russia offices and participation of mentors from different towns. Madina Tyuryaeva, managing mentor relations at Business Class project, arranged travelling and comfortable stay in Moscow of mentors participants.

- Centre for Entrepreneurship

Victor Sedov managed to make room in his busy schedule to speak at one of the events and told the participants about support provided for entrepreneurs, including ScaleUp programmes with mentoring component.

All events on the agenda were moderated by Irina Gorelova and Boris Tkachenko.

On the 23rd of November, the meeting between YBR project coordinators and experts and John Cull and Joanne Gray from YBI took place to discuss mentoring promotion in YBR covered regions.

The next was an exciting event designed by Google Russia and Mentoring Institute for practicing and potential mentors (online) on Business Class project. It was opened by Maria Zlenko, followed by Madina Tyuryaeva, then 8 mentors from Ekaterinburg, Niznny Tagil, Ryazan, Voronezh, Kazan and Moscow talked about their experience. Four of them were mentors on YBR and ScaleUp programmes. After that, the guests from YBI spoke about international practices focused on key features of offline and online modes of mentoring, including human relationship that encourage trust indispensable for effective mentoring partnership.

On the 24th of November, Victor Sedov and Madina Tyuryaeva opened the day. John and Joanne explained how to build and maintain mentoring programmes in the right way and how mentors shall act under such programmes.

Master class on mentor skills upgrade was delivered. The participants learnt about YBI recent developments that appeared following Global Mentoring Masterclass held in London in October visited by mentoring experts from 30 countries.

The Mentoring Days winded up with the event for mentees and entrepreneurs seeking a mentor. All the participants were interested to listen to the speakers till the closing words.

The next Days of Mentoring in Entrepreneurship will be held on November 22-23, 2018!

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