Peculiarities of offline and online mentoring

On the 15th of February, the masterclass was delivered by Mentoring Institute and Business Class programme of Google Russia and Sberbank, as part of the agenda at the Mentor-2018 All-Russian Forum.

The top topics were:

  • The key principles and rules of mentoring;
  • Engaging experienced entrepreneurs to become mentors;
  • Peculiarities of offline and online mentoring;
  • Building relationship between mentor and mentee to ensure comfortable, exciting and effective partnership.

Master class was delivered by:

- Irina Gorelova, YBR Regional Coordinator in Voronezh, Project Manager, Mentoring Institute;

- Boris Tkachenko, CEO, Mentoring Institute and YBR, international mentoring expert;

- Madina Tyuryaeva, Mentor Relations Manager, Business Class programme, Google Russia and Sberbank.

The masterclass was attended by 60 practicing and potential mentors supporting budding entrepreneurs and representatives of organisations implementing or planning mentoring programmes.

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