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Meeting with the mentors of the Business Class programme in Novosibirsk

On the 28th of June the meeting with experienced entrepreneurs, potential and acting mentors of the Business Class programme was held in Novosibirsk. The programme being implemented in 46 Russian regions by Google Russia and Sberbank has been also started in Novosibirsk.

During three hours, 40 entrepreneurs discussed actively, both in the form of official meeting and networking coffee break, how they can support their future mentees.

The meeting was arranged by the Business Class programme, supported by Mentoring Institute, consultant partner of the Business Class.

The meeting was moderated by Irina Gorelova, Project Manager of Mentoring Institute and Boris Tkachenko, CEO, Mentoring Institute and YBR.

The Business Class programme was represented by Madina Tyuryaeva, Mentor Relations Manager. Madina has delivered a presentation on the programme content including the mentoring segment.

Boris and Irina carried out an activity with the audience split into groups dedicated to the key challenges facing the mentors working with mentees. 6 groups delivered their results that were keenly discussed by all the participants and commented by Boris and Irina with the benefit of their 10-year experience in mentoring projects.

After having learnt more about mentoring at this meeting, many entrepreneur participants decided to join the programme as mentors. The potential mentors will fill out online questionnaires at the programme website and will be interviewed by Madina Tyuryaeva. They will then complete online training, take a test and meet their mentees.

We are happy with the addition of the family with the mentors from Novosibirsk and wish them every success!

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