Mentors motivation

Mentoring Institute and Youth Business Russia (YBR) organised and conducted the meeting with Professor David Clutterbuck, the leading international mentoring expert and founder of Coaching and Mentoring International (CMI).

The meeting was held on the 1st of April at the offices of YBR partner, Hogan Lovells, an international law firm. David’s partners, Evija Vascenko, CMI Partner Network Manager in Russia and the Baltics, and Elena Chelokidi, CMI certified coach in Russia, visited the meeting as special guests.

The key topic of the meeting was mentors motivation, including the following issues:

- What makes a man to become a mentor,

- How to involve potential mentors in the programmes,

- How to support mentors, so that their expectations of the programmes are justified, and mentoring partnership proves effective and pleasant for both parties.

The meeting was attended by mentoring programme managers and experts and mentors.

Boris Tkachenko, CEO, Mentoring Institute, acted as the meeting moderator. Boris and Evija provided translation into Russian.

Irina Gorelova took records of some of the highlights of Davids observations:

“Leaders who help other people as mentors grow wiser.”

Mentoring is coaching+, where + is a relevant mentors experience, joint analysis of mentees experience, aimed to enhance the mentees thinking quality, no direct advice about actions, help in thinking over urgent issues.

Giving direct advice is like make thinking for your mentee.

Coaching is more about What do you want to achieve? While mentoring is more about What do you want to be?

Mentoring is not the approach that helps you answer all your questions immediately. And it is not just sharing knowledge.

David answering the question: What is your motivation to be a mentor? – I am very curious. I have learnt a lot while acting as a mentor.

The profiles of the key speaker, special guests and the meeting moderator:

- David Clutterbuck co-founder of the European Coaching and Mentoring Council, founder of global consulting companies Clutterbuck Associates and Coaching and Mentoring International, visiting professor on coaching and mentoring at Sheffield Hallam and Oxford Brookes Universities, external examiner on coaching at Ashridge Business School. Author and co-author of over 60 books, about half of them are on coaching and mentoring.

- Evija Vascenko CMI Partner Network Manager in Russia and the Baltics and certified coach at David Clutterbucks programmes, Partner of Open Mind Management. Over 20 year experience in sales and marketing, including 13 years in IT industry. Consulting in corporate management efficiency and management skills improvement during the recent 7 years. Individual and team coach since 2010.

- Elena Chelokidi CC ICF, CMI certified coach in Russia, President, ICF Russia in 2016-2017. Elena translated and published David Clutterbucks book Powerful Questions for Coaches and Mentors. Elena has over 15 year leadership experience, she is a professional leader and team coach since 2012. Delivering master classes for coaches and HR, translating and publishing books on coaching, managing her own Elena Chelokidis Centre for Coaches and Mentors Education.

- Boris Tkachenko Co-Founder and CEO, International Business Leaders Forum, NGO, Youth Business Russia, Mentoring Institute, member of Youth Business International (YBI) Mentoring Council, international mentoring expert. He has been implementing the programmes on mentoring in entrepreneurship for over 10 years in Russia and CIS.

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