YBR 10-year anniversary in Voronezh

On the 24th of May, the Youth Business Russia session was conducted as part of the agenda of Stoll Entrepreneurship Forum. The session was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of YBR operations in Voronezh Region.

Session moderators:
Olga Ofitserova, YBR programme manager in Voronezh Region,
Irina Gorelova, YBR Development Director.

The special guest on the session was Boris Tkachenko, CEO of YBR, International Business Leaders Forum and Mentoring Institute.

Boris Tkachenko told about YBR international and interregional activity, challenges and opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

Irina Gorelova spoke about YBR activity in Voronezh, achievements and development plans.

Olga Ofitserova explained the step-by-step programme implementation starting with business plan to project financing and told about interaction with other programmes and projects.

The programme members shared their valuable experience and unique practical cases:

  • Anastasia Ostankova, project founder and manager of "WoW!Bazar the festival of creativity and gifts", reported on the brand development;
  • Ekaterina Ermatova, founder and general manager of family clubs chain "The Golden Cat" on project scaling;
  • Evgeny Tyrnov, CEO "DECART" it-production and the Rector of Decart University on business safety at the start;
  • Anna Korchagina, founder of FormochkiVRN (baking cups) on unique selling point;
  • Dmitry Nekrasov (online school Young) on business format transformation and entry into international market.

The session also included the discussion with YBR mentors:
- Yuri Segal and Vladimir Lisovsky, both has been working on the programme from the very beginning;
- Igor Zaboev and Evgeny Tyrnov are former Yuri Segals mentees and now mentors.

YBR received online greetings from the colleagues in UK, Spain, Germany and Kazakhstan, who have urged to develop cooperation between young entrepreneurs from all these countries.




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