Mentoring Forum at the VIth Eitingon Managerial Platform Projection into Future: 2020

On the 18th of September, the Mentoring institute experts Boris Tkachenko and Irina Gorelova held the Mentoring Forum as part of the agenda of the VIth Eitingon Managerial Platform ‘Projection into Future: 2020’ at Petrovsky book club in Voronezh.

The speakers at the Forum:

— Margarita Maslennikova, Ideal Floor company

Dmitry Nekrasov, online school Young

Galina Kuts, studio school Queen lashes

Maxim Gridnev, online school of marketing Gridnev.Online

The entrepreneurs told about their activity both as mentors and mentees since they experienced both roles.

All speakers agreed that mentor assistance helped to achieve consistence results and to increase business management effectiveness.

Dmitry Nekrasov pointed out that his mentee Tamara Najdenova changed his view of many things. "Basically, she helped me to become an entrepreneur."

The participants also agreed that one can learn a lot while being a mentor.

"Seemingly, what can you learn from a budding entrepreneur? A lot. You can learn from your own experience. When you talk about yourself out loud, you watch yourself from the outside, and you are responsible." – Margarita Maslennikova.

"Talking with the mentee, you become aware of your words, what is your understanding and whether you act same way yourself. You set your priorities." Maxim Gridnev added.

All speakers as well as the majority of guests agreed that sharing ones knowledge and experience enhances both personal growth and business growth.

Galina Kuts: "I feel like a jug filled right to the brim and I cant employ all accumulated knowledge and experience. When I share something I clear the space for new information. If you want to share you shall do it, otherwise you are degrading instead of growing. "

On a final note, all came to the conclusion that mentoring in entrepreneurship is an effective instrument of management for both mentor and mentee, and the mentoring approach in business management is very useful.

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