Mentoring conference on September 28-29 in Yugra

On the 28th of September, the conference ‘Business Mentoring: Support for Burgeoning Entrepreneurs and for Employees’ in the framework of municipal forum New Opportunities Times took place in Nizhnevartovsk.

Boris Tkachenko, CEO Mentoring Institute and Victor Liberansky, Mentoring in Entrepreneurship Programme Coordinator in Yugra conducted the session I am a mentor! with potential and operating mentors, as part of the conference agenda. The session focused on the definition of the mentoring in entrepreneurship, global and national experience in mentoring in entrepreneurship (including mentoring practice in the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District - Yugra); the value of mentoring for mentees and mentors, what makes shrewd entrepreneurs to become mentors, and how to join the Business Mentoring Programme in Yugra.

On the 29th of September, Mentoring round table for entrepreneurs in the town of Raduzhny was conducted by Sergey Struchkov, Director of Yugra Entrepreneurship Support Fund, Sergey Sysak, Director of the Fund affiliate in Nizhnevartovsk, and Boris Tkachenko, Director of the Mentoring Institute. Boris also told about current mentoring practices in Russia and in Yugra, and discussed it with the entrepreneurs why it was worth being a mentor and how to become a mentor.

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