YBI Mentor Webinar at Caribbean

On the 22nd of November, global mentoring experts John Cull and Boris Tkachenko delivered the Mentor Webinar on behalf of YBI in 4 Caribbean countries.

The webinar was dedicated to the challenges facing mentors. During the interactive discussion the mentors asked questions, John and Boris shared their experience and helped the participants to understand how to address the issues. The webinar proved that entrepreneurs and mentors from different countries use similar approaches and encounter similar difficulties and that entrepreneurs and mentors stories from different countries are helpful and relevant.

John Cull founder of YBI mentoring practice, with over 25-year experience in mentoring, will act as key speaker at the VIIth International Mentoring in Entrepreneurship Days on the 27th of November in Moscow and on the 29th of November in Surgut. Boris Tkachenko, CEO of MBR and Mentoring Institute, working as mentoring expert for the recent 11 years, will moderate the Mentoring Days.

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