The VIIth International Days of Mentoring in Entrepreneurship, Day 1

The Day 1 of the Mentoring Days proved to be the best of all previous years, according to the comments of regular participants and organizers. The long-term experience in holding the Days, coordinated team of international speakers and a special warm atmosphere have done their job.

The Day started with an informal photo session of those who came early, after that an informal opening from Boris Tkachenko and networking from Dmitry Nekrasov (YBR alumni, former mentee, now mentor himself) set the participants on the right wave.

The presentation of John Cull, about the history of mentoring in entrepreneurship and its development in 50 countries of the world with examples of his own experience as a mentor and of 3 countries in Europe, America and Africa, gave a sense of the scope and generality of mentoring, regardless of a country. The presentation of Aruna Vinodh about her 27-year mentoring experience in India showed the direction and horizon that you can strive for. The performance of Bat-Orshikh Erdenebat about the achievements in the development of mentoring in Mongolia after studying the Russian experience during his visit in Voronezh in 2013 and taking part in the Mentoring Days in 2014 in Moscow, proved how important the exchange of experience was. And the presentation by Irina Gorelova brought together the collective Russian experience, which was very useful for those who needed to start or develop mentoring programs in the regions.

There was a very useful discussion about why and how it was necessary to support mentors and their communities, when in addition to international speakers, Ekaterina Khaletskaya, Lilia Orlova, Oybek Aitbaev, Ekaterina Geraskina, Alexey Pamshev participated.

Having known each other better during the afternoon networking from Dmitry Nekrasov, the participants joined the group discussions on difficulties facing mentors and the ways to overcome them. Mentors and experts coped with the task so well that international experts only had to pay attention to a few points in which they had more experience. The last event of the Day agenda was a master class from John Cull and Boris Tkachenko, in which it was analysed how to help mentees in a difficult situation and how mentors themselves can deal with their own problems.

The Day programme was ended with a group photo, and informal communication continued longer.

The next day, the mentioned speakers made it to Surgut, where one mentor from India, two from Mongolia and Pavel Savchenko from St. Petersburg will still be performing with them.

The event would not have been so pleasant without Evgenia Keller (founder of Prianik Corporation), who not only baked all sweets for coffee breaks with her own hands, but also personally met and escorted the guests and took on the whole organizational side on Day 1 together with Irina Gorelova.

Photos - 27th of November, Moscow - The VIIth International Days of Mentoring in Entrepreneurship:https://yadi.sk/d/Ra9VLJ_6C_v6AQ

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