YBI pilot training Entrepreneurial soft skills for the future, November 11-16

In the beginning on November, the Youth Business International task group on curriculum development for ‘Entrepreneurial soft skills’ training completed the first 6 modules for 3-day intensive study. The work started on May 8-10 in London, when Boris Tkachenko together with his colleagues from Spain, UK, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Paraguay and Burundi participated in the workshop on development of the basic methodology of the curriculum.

Based on:

- Global research Entrepreneurial soft skills for the future, completed for YBI by Branka Minic of Future Work Consulting, YBI external expert, based on public domain sources and the analysis of essential skills for young entrepreneurs to succeed in digital economy in the next 5-10 years,

- Home research of Entrepreneurial soft skills training practices at YBI network in 50 member countries worldwide,

- Global research completed by Accenture New skills NOW. Inclusion in the digital economy,

- And the task group members knowledge and experience,

the methodology and programme structure was completed within 3 days, and during next 6 months the half of the curriculum consisting of 6 modules was ready.

Initially, the pilot launch was planned to be done in the Russian language in Kazakhstan, in Spanish in Paraguay, and in English in Burundi. The programme modules were translated and adapted to local contexts. It was first launched by MOST business incubator implementing Youth Business Kazakhstan programme. The members of YBI task group on Entrepreneurial soft skills acted as coaches, they included Boris Tkachenko, YBI Member of the Board of Directors and CEO of Youth Business Russia and Mentoring Institute, and Dinara Babich, MOST training programmes manager, together with Alim Khamitov, MOST Director. On November 11-13, the first training for 15 students was delivered, followed by the second training for the other 16 students on November 14-16. The feedback received from students and coaches showed that Entrepreneurial soft skills training with YBI selected approach and modules combination is well-timed, innovative, effective and useful. The pilot training with the first 6 modules is to be carried out for Youth Business Russia members in early 2020. Two training sessions with the next 6 modules will be conducted for the groups that have completed the first part, next April in Almaty. Then these module trainings shall be again delivered in Russia.

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