Newcomers at YBR Voronezh

The Youth Business Russia pilot training programme for entrepreneurs ‘YR START’ has been completed in Voronezh. 20 budding entrepreneurs received training from Olga Ofitserova and Anna Kireeva.

On the 21st of February, the participants presented their projects they worked out during the training course to their colleagues and accomplished entrepreneurs. On the 25th of February, Boris Tkachenko and Irina Gorelova delivered the seminar on mentoring for the training programme alumni. On the 26th of February, 10 new mentors completed the training, 7 of them were YBR alumni, who had started their entrepreneurial activity with mentoring support several years ago.

A mentor was selected for each YBR START student and first meetings of almost all new matches were held on the 27th of February. Together with new mentors, experienced mentors were also involved, many of them have been supporting budding entrepreneurs for several years. The seminars and meetings took place at the premises of My Business company, YBR regional partner.

The launch of the new course ended in the evening of February 27 with YBR Member Club meeting collecting 40 budding and accomplished entrepreneurs.

The informal networking of YBR new members was arranged by Dmitry Nekrasov, founder of Young online school, YBR alumnus and mentor. The meeting was held at the wonderful premises of DECART UNIVERSITY, thanks to the hospitality of Evgeny Tyrnov, founder of DECART company and YBR alumnus and mentor. Evgeny told the guests about his business start and development.

The Club meeting participants stayed until late at night. They introduced themselves to each other, resolved their questions, opened up new opportunities, encouraged each other.

Ludmila Tregubova spoke about financial support offers from Voronezh Region Entrepreneurship Fund, the YBR leading regional partner.

Networking is an essential element of Youth Business Russia, as a comprehensive entrepreneurs support programme. Whatever is the variety and accessibility of useful information for entrepreneurs in public domain, nothing can replace human interaction between like-minded people following the similar paths and being quick at understanding each other.

For as long as 12 years, YBR has been developing and supporting networking at both regional and interregional levels and promotes international cooperation. YBR first priority is to build online communication platform for youth entrepreneurs, alumni and mentors of other programmes implemented in 56 countries of the world united by Youth Business International.

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