The 1st Webinar for Russian-speaking mentors of entrepreneurs in the frame of SOS Mentoring global initiative

Today, on the 20th of May, Youth Business Russia and the Institute of Mentoring carried out a webinar “How to support entrepreneurs during the period of crisis. The importance of moral support. The Kuebler-Ross Change Curve”, in the frame of SOS Mentoring global initiative. Among the participants of the webinar were mentors and coordinators of the programmes implemented by the Mentoring Institute jointly with Russian partners, as well as mentors and programme coordinators from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

Boris Tkachenko and Irina Gorelova conducted the webinar.

Exciting communication and group activity between the mentors from 7 countries, appreciation of the importance of moral support and mutual aid, as well as positive feedback, all together inspired the webinar organisers and will help them prepare next webinars basing on the follow-up comments.

In the next while, the other 5 webinars will be delivered which are dedicated to support acting mentors, for them to feel more confident in their role as mentors and to be able to support their mentees during the crisis.

The partners of the SOS Mentoring in Russia are Impact Hub Moscow, Our Future Foundation, Yugra Entrepreneurship Support Fund, Ahead to Changes" Foundation ( ).

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