The 6th Webinar for Russian-speaking mentors of entrepreneurs in the frame of SOS Mentoring global initiative

On the 24th of June Youth Business Russia and the Mentoring Institute held a final webinar in the frame of the first stage of the SOS Mentoring global initiative.

The webinar was conducted by Boris Tkachenko and Irina Gorelova.

The mentors from Russia, Armenia and Kazakhstan discussed termination of mentoring relationship options, reasons and recommendations. The hosts gave an overview of the first series of the webinars. At the webinar, the participants analysed the case of a mentee Armen Martirosyan (Nett Digital), described by his mentor Tatevik Torosyan (Media Group) of Youth Business Armenia, the programme implemented by Jinishian Memorial Foundation. Tatevik appreciated both questions and advice from other mentors, that proved her current approach true, and will help her strengthen and enrich mentoring relationship. Summarized conclusions on the case study can be leveraged by the mentors in their work with mentees.

Youth Business Russia and the Mentoring Institute, supported by Youth Business International set about preparations for the next webinar series for mentors to start in September.

The partners of the SOS Mentoring in Russia are Impact Hub Moscow, Our Future Foundation, Yugra Entrepreneurship Support Fund, Ahead to Changes" Foundation ( ).

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