Summary of Day 1 of the International Mentoring Days

The IX International Days of Mentoring in Entrepreneurship swept past in a single burst of activity in November 22-24. Following the advice of Auriel Majumdar, key speaker at the Days, we reflected on the event and are happy to share the results and our impressions.)

The Day brought the joy of meeting at one platform between mentors and experts, of new encounters and useful information.

Mentors from different countries could meet each other and talk and discuss the personal impact of mentoring.

Master class by Bob Garvey (Professor, Managing Partner of “The Lio Partnership”, UK) Three processes to help clarify understanding in mentoring helped to understand the relationships with mentees, dealing with ego and the importance of continuous self-improvement. The participants’ comments prove it best:

Bob, thank you! It is a great way to help mentee to consider mindfully their goals and to unlock potential.

I particularly like it about history and artifacts, you can use it to produce a powerful energy battery, if you want to change yourself and your world!

All techniques are just flames! As for me, not only about learn from mistakes skills, but about self-acceptance as well.

Listening to you, I realise again that mentoring is history as well. The history of self-makings, the history of changes. Bravo!

Wonderful session, where Ive learnt to use right approaches in mentoring, especially sharing personal stories and experiences. Thank you, Bob!

I particularly like the idea to describe oneself with the use of metaphors and similes.

I admire simplicity, the deeps and particularity of your observations, Bob. Thank you!!!

Morning the same day the Mentoring Institute (MI) and Youth Business Russia Programme (YBR) summarized the results of Mentor of the Year 2021 Russia in the network of Youth Business International (YBI), a global network of organisations supporting bourgeoning businesses in 56 countries. Tatiana Volchegorskaya was announced the winner.

At the end of the Day a stage of the YBI Mentor of the Year award for Eastern Europe and Central Asia took place.

Together with Tatiana Volchegorskaya, Gayane Sokhakyan, mentor from Armenia, and Oyunchuiuun Tsedev from Mongolia were the finalists. All of them rendered very efficient support for their mentees-entrepreneurs, and the participants sympathies were with every competitor.

Each mentor who won in her country was represented by her mentee. Tatiana Volchegorskaya was represented by Daria Mironova, founder of kindergarten network Seven Dwarfs, Nefteyugansk. Mentors from Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyzgyzstan, Mongolia and Uzbekistan took part in the jury, and Tatiana Volchegorskaya was awarded the Mentor of the Year for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Tatiana will represent our region at YBI final in January.

Day 1https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaBm64Fw40s

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