Summary of Day 3 of the International Mentoring Days

The last day was dedicated to mentoring programmes implementation, and key participants were either already facilitating or planning to implement such programmes. And, since the event was international, the Mentoring Institute and YBR made the Day 3 open for mentoring programme managers from YBI network.

This approach proved effective – that high level of insights provided by the experts and a clever combination of practical training and upgrade for newcomers have long since happened even at international events. Last time we had witnessed such a discussion in November 2017 in London when only one participant could represent a country. While this online event made it possible for everyone interested.

The Day was started with addresses by Natalia Shamanskaya, Head of SME Infrastructure of the Department for Investment Policy and SME Development of the RF Ministry of Economic Development,

Boris Tkachenko, founder of the Mentoring Institute and YBR Programme, YBI Trustee

Jo Gray, YBI Director (UK).

Joerg Schoolman YBI mentoring expert from Germany, followed with a networking for participants to discuss “Why are they organizing mentoring programmes?”

In the course of introduction and discussion it became clear that the event brought together the likeminded, those who believed it important and exciting to develop mentoring as systemic entrepreneurship support.

The next discussion panel Effective Mentoring Programme: how to launch and implement was moderated by Irina Gorelova. Joerg Schoolman and Boris Tkachenko explained consistently and elaborately the global approach that helps to design an effective programme. An example of a long-term systemic application of this approach in Russia, that could be practicable for My Business entrepreneurship support centres, was presented by Roman Kolupaev, Director of My Business in Yugra. The mentoring programme is being implemented in this region since 2016 with the support of the Mentoring Institute.

Anatoly Evseichev, Mentoring Manager at Tambov Regional Centre of Financial Literacy (NGO) told about the first year of such programme being implemented on the initiative of a local organisation that proposed to do it together with the local My Business centre and invited the Mentoring Institute.

However there are issues emerging in the course of even ideally designed programme and the next session was dedicated to Trouble Shooting. Lis Merrick, CEO of Coach Mentoring Limited was supposed to lead this session but failed to attend due to force major circumstances, however, the replacement was immediately found. Lis’ friend and colleague, Bob Garvey, also Boris Tkachenkos mentor, helped both out and held the session. Since Bob was acquainted to the participants of Days 1 and 2, he applied more sophisticated format when the participants described their issues in live chat and asked questions, and Bob provided feedback on the spot. There were no unanswered questions to everybodys satisfaction.

Summarizing the results of the International Mentoring Days and of the Day 3 in particular, the Mentoring Institute will draw up recommendations on the programme implementation in the regions, that will be offered to the Department for Investment Policy and SME Development of the RF Ministry of Economic Development, organization that provided support for the Days.

The Mentoring Institute and YBR will pursue the initiate on support for Russian-speaking mentors, namely, all three Mentor of the Year finalists in Eastern Europe/Central Asia confirmed their commitment.

At global level, YBI mentoring managers agreed to ensure regular interaction.

We will see you at the jubilee Xth International Mentoring Days in November 2022!

Day 3https://youtu.be/X1KzRkFl9i8

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