The International Mentoring Day in Asia

Boris Tkachenko spoke and held a master class at the International Mentoring Day on the 25th of November in Asia.

Following the example of the International Mentoring Days, an event launched by the Mentoring Institute/YBR and after 8-year run, YBI decided to launch the Mentoring Days in every part of the world this year. The Mentoring Day took place on the 5th of November in Latin America, and on the 11th of November in Western Europe. In November 22-24, we held 3-day IX annual International Days of Mentoring in Entrepreneurship for Eastern Europe/Central Asia (a pattern for the next year for our colleagues globally) and passed the baton to colleagues. On the 25th of November, partner organisations BYST, India, and B’YEAH, Bangladesh, held the International Mentoring Day in Asia, moderated by John Cull, founder of mentoring section at YBI. Boris Tkachenko, CEO of the Mentoring Institute and YBR, was a key speaker, and together with Professor Bob Garvey, Vijay Venkatesh, mentor from India, Pinki Shah, mentor from Bangladesh, delivered a master class on mentoring, that was moderated by Jo Gray, YBI Director. The Mentoring Day participants all liked the speakers explanations and answers to their questions asked in live chat in the course of the event.

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