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Accreditation of Youth Business Russia

On March, 16 the Accreditation Committee has approved the accreditation of Youth Business Russia without stipulations for the next three years. The Committee commended the impressive development and expansion of the programme since its inception.

YBI accreditation is the process by which YBPs are formally and independently recognised as meeting the principles and standards of the YBI Network. Accredited status in the YBI Network is an indicator of performance capability, efficiency and sustainability in delivering the YBI model. Accredited status in the YBI Network brings the additional benefits for YBR Priority over Pilot YBPs in accessing membership privileges – particularly with respect to funding opportunities, technical assistance, promotion with global partners and participation in strategical decisions.

By using third-party assessors and an independent evaluation committee, YBI accreditation represents transparency and impartiality that are essential components of brand value and credibility.

Youth Business Russia Programme

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