Open dialog: Voronezh Region Scotland

On 23 May 2012, on the eve of The Day of Entrepreneurship in Russia, the regular meeting of the Club members of the programme Youth Business Russia (YBR) of Voronezh region took place in Voronezh. Entrepreneurs, their mentors, members of Selection Panel and programme managers met together, as is tradition, in the conference hall of Resource Centre, one of the most active YBR members in the region.Any meeting of YBR Club is different but this meeting has been unique!

Following brief discussion of “internal” achievements and plans, YBR members had 2‑hour online session with the participants of youth entrepreneurship programme of Scotland.

Both parties asked questions about the kinds of businesses that young businessmen start, what are the challenges in the countries, who can help and how? The opportunities to establish business links between Russian and Scottish businesses were given particular interest. As such, it became clear during the discussion that the entrepreneurs with similar businesses, e.g. in dress styling and beer farming on both sides can cooperate.

As a result of this meeting, the participants realized that such experience exchange between the members of the youth entrepreneurship programmes supported by YBI in about 40 countries worldwide shall be further developed and such dialogs shall as well become regular between the Russian regions involved in YBR.

By old Russian tradition, YBR members could not part with their guests without giving them a present (so far, virtually, and YBR Programme Manager will do it physically on his next visitto London) which was a figurine of Loch Ness monster, carved in wood by young entrepreneur from Voronezh which was a pleasant surprise for the Scots.

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