IBLF participation at Rio+20

All the events in the framework of Rio+20 can be split into two basic categories:

- diverse forums, working groups, expert panels, i.e. the events preceding United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20 that took place before 19 June 2012;

- United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20 that was held from 20 to 22 June 2012.

During ten days, IBLF team participated and spoke at the 3rd Global Forum Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum, arranged several round tables and took part in discussions at top governmental and corporate level.

It was important for our team to take part in the Forum Session «Sustainability with Integrity: from organizational change to collective action» with report and presentation Experience of Collective Action in Russia delivered by Boris Tkachenko, Head of IBLF Russia.

Boris Tkachenko also participated in the 10th Meeting of The Global Compact Working Group Against Corruption. Brook Horowitz, Business Standards and Regions Director, and Boris Tkachenko are also the members of this UN working group on anti-corruption.

During the core conference, IBLF representatives acted as moderators of several significant discussions. Besides, participation of a non-governmental organisation at a conference like this as a session moderator is an evidence of successful activity of this organisation, and IBLF co-work in Rio together with large multinationals and representatives of international sub-governmental groups demonstrates acknowledgement by professional community.

In the framework of the Conference, Clare Melford, CEO of IBLF, moderated several sessions dedicated to corporate responsibility and sustainable growth, including “Partnerships for Education: Building the foundations of a green, prosperous and equitable global economy”. As part of PRME Forum agenda, Clare also presented IBLF report on leaders’ role in building sustainable society. Jointly authored by IBLF and Ashridge Business School, the report Leadership in a Rapidly Changing World summarises the results of numerous interviews with top managers of largest companies about development of civilised business and the role assigned to business leaders.

IBLF takes an active part in UNGC initiative on elaboration of educational materials on anti-corruption for MBA programmes. The educational materials have been completed and are planned for launch in several universities and business schools world-wide starting September this year. Education institutions in India, China and Brazil showed keen interest. We hope the business schools in Russia will also include the course in their curricula. – Polina Kalnitskaya, ILBF Senior Consultant and the member of the working group on educational materials said.

IBLF corporate partners participated in many of the round tables and discussions and presented their successful projects. One of the topics that aroused interest was the methods of dealing with indigenous peoples issues and social corporate responsibility in this respect. Russian representatives of Sakhalin Energy set the tone of the discussion telling in detail about the actions they take to protect indigenous peoples in the course of industrial development on Sakhalin.

Bilateral and multilateral negotiations with other participants of the Conference took place before and after it was closed.

Nobel Peace Prize laureateProfessor of Economics Muhammad Yunus, during his talk with Boris Tkachenko, Head of IBLF Russia, asked about social entrepreneurship opportunities in Russia and invited IBLF to take part at International Social Entrepreneurship Forum that he was going to hold in November this year in Vienna.

IBLF held negotiations with UN Global compact. Following active work of Russian representatives of IBLF at the Conference events, the Global Compact Network in Russia, that is active in Russia since 2008 and unites 57 business and non-for-profit organizations abiding by the 10 principles of the corporate governance invited Boris Tkachenko to speak at general meeting of UNGC Russian members to be held in Moscow in July this year.

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