YBR delegation visiting the UK

During the visit arranged to coincide with the ceremony of celebrating the YBI’s Best Entrepreneurs of the Year awards (where the Russian contester from YBR won one of the nominations), a group of the Youth Business Russia participants held a series of negations in London and familiarized with the experience of building an eco-friendly recycling business in Scotland.

The delegation comprised the Manager of Youth Business Russia Programme Boris Tkachenko and the Voronezh Oblast YBR team which had the won the prestigious YBI award – entrepreneurs Igor Zaboev, Petr Boikov, their mentor Yu. Segal and the Voronezh Oblast YBR coordinator I. Gorelova.

Following the Carton Chernozemie victory in the nomination Environmental Entrepreneur of the Year, interest in Youth Business Russia projects was aroused in China, India, Israel and Hong Kong foreign colleagues expressed a wish to share experience with the YBR concerning the practice and methods of their work in the changing environment of contemporary Russia.

The interest is quite explicable it was precisely Voronezh that provided a learning ground for our Serbian colleagues a year ago when they studied the organization and start-up of the YBI programme in order to implement similar projects in their country. This year Youth Business Serbia has been launched and is engaged in developing of its own projects. The Russian delegation visited the opening of the Youth Business Serbia programme.

The mentor and the entrepreneurs took part in a number of meetings to share knowledge with the representatives of successful foreign businesses, which is an excellent experience.

The delegation continued their tour by visiting Scotland, strengthening their relations with the partner Youth Business Scotland network. The delegates went on to develop the professional ties of the Voronezh recycling factory with similar businesses in Scotland, which were established at the teleconference bridge between Edinburgh and Moscow in May. The founders of Carton Charnozemie made a tour of the enterprises supported by Youth Business Scotland.

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