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International Business Leaders Forum (Russia) participated in research and practice conference on improvement of Federal Purchasing System

Upon recommendation of the Moscow Government, Head of the Branch Office IBLF in Russia Boris Tkachenko took part in the research and practice conference Federal Purchasing System as Basis to Promote Russia’s Competitive Advantage and told about the expert examination of the respective draft law performed by IBLF.

The conference involving Russian and international participants was devoted to the development of the public procurement system in Russia and its impact upon the competitiveness of the country. It was held in Ufa on 31 October 2012 and attracted high experts from all over the country, since Bashkortostan has been chosen the very place for pilot enactment of the new law.

The audience gathered in Congress Hall of the Republic of Bashkortostan were warmly greeted by President of Bashkortostan Reitulla Khamitov.
The plenary meeting was presided, among others, by Sergey Stepashin, Chairman of RF Accounts Chamber, Roman Artyukhin, Head of Federal Treasury, Gennady Degtev, Head of Department for Competitive Policy, Moscow Government. The high public officials initiated a fundamental discussion “pro et contra” Federal Purchasing System.

Head of the Branch Office IBLF in Russia Boris Tkachenko spoke at the plenary meeting on the experience of intersectoral partnership in Moscow. In his presentation he stressed that intersectoral partnership and collective actions form a useful approach to raising the efficiency of public procurement. He also made contributions to the working sessions where he spoke on the new model of contractual relations and shared the experience of the International Business Leaders Forum related to pooling the efforts of big companies, non-government organizations and public authorities in the elaboration of the general vision and practical recommendations for renovation of the public procurement system.

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