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IBLF Russia at Global Social Business Summit!

The Summit, the fourth since its inauguration, focused on the main trends of social entrepreneurship across the world and on the existing challenges and barriers. The Summit was attended by more than 500 participants representing public authorities, business community, non-profit organizations, mass media, infrastructure organizations, and social entrepreneurs themselves.

The format of the event envisaged thematic expert discussions where each participant could engage in networking on the topics of interest, obtain the necessary information and share their own experience. The wide attendance and presence of high ranking persons proves the growing interest in the social business agenda and the necessity of involving Russia in this global movement.

Reference: the venue was the Vienna International Center, which is also known as the UN City - its buildings house headquarters of many associations accountable to this international organization. The all-time organizers of the Summit, the Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus and his colleague from The Grameen Creative Lab Hans Reitz, arranged the program according to the well-established pattern of the previous events. Most of the time is devoted to seminars, panel discussions, and expert meetings. The numerous guests include both individuals and top ranking companies from a wide range of sectors; among important politicians one can mention the representatives of RF Ministry of Economic Development and the members of European Commission; business community is expected to be represented by well-known partners of The Grameen Lab, such as Аdidas Group, Intel Corporation, and Deutsche Telekom. In the academic circles the organizers’ call was responded by the representatives of Harvard Business School, the IESE Business School campus in Barcelona, Florence University, and many others. It should be noted that it was the Academia pre-meeting that forestalled the opening of the Summit on November 7, when experts from universities and business schools got together to discuss their professional matters. And of course, the Summit cannot do without young generation – this year only those born on or after November 9, 1987, could apply for participation. All of them got the status of “young challengers” and their first meeting will also take place on November 7. // nb-forum.ru.

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