Moscow Government Economic Bloc Collegiate Meeting

The members of the Moscow Government held a Collegiate meeting of the Government Economic Bloc to present the key indicators of the city economic growth. The initiatives of the International Business Leaders Forum were included into the final report of the city authorities.

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, Deputy Mayor Andrey Sharonov, Director of Department for Science and Industrial Policy Alexey Komissarov, Head of the City Tender Committee Gennady Degtev took part in the review of the city economic development, its results and future priorities.
Among the items included into the final presentation of the Economic Bloc were the two programs of the International Business Leaders Forum being implemented in partnership with the Moscow Government.

Alexey Komissarov mentioned the mentorship program realized in cooperation with IBLF Russia as one of the priorities to promote small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and invited experienced entrepreneurs, including prominent business leaders V. Dimov and S. Vykhodtsev, to join the program by acting as mentors.
the program of mentorship allowing mature entrepreneurs to share their expertise with young starters, a kind of program somewhat similar to that successfully used as far back as the Soviet time, is nowadays being practiced in all developed countries of the world. And I am very pleased to see that a lot of well-known and successful entrepreneurs have agreed to participate, said Mr. Komissarov.

He was supported by Andrey Sharonov, who remarked that in the US this program is basically promoted by retired entrepreneurs, while in our country entrepreneurship has started but recently and we have very few retired businesspeople, therefore they will have to work (as mentors) concurrently with entrepreneurship.

The second area of the Moscow Government and IBLF Russia joint activities was mentioned by the Head of the City Tender Committee Gennady Degtev, who stressed that the improved municipal procurement system which had been refined through the collective actions initiated by IBLF and had involved a number of international business experts, provided huge savings for the city, amounting to 145 billion rubles.

The meeting was attended by Head of the Branch Office IBLF Russia Boris N. Tkachenko.

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