IBLF represents the B20 Task Force at the G20 Sherpas Meeting

Brook Horowitz, Director of Business Standards with IBLF presented the
B20 recommendations on Improving Transparency and Anti-corruption to a meeting of
the G20 Sherpas, brought together to prepare for the G20 Summit in St. Petersburg
later this year. The Sherpas are the senior representatives of the Heads of State of
the G20 countries.

The B20 is made up of companies from the G20 countries, and every year at the B20
Summit presents its recommendations to the G20 leaders on issues of topical
importance for business. For the past 2 years, anti-corruption has been high on the
B20 and G20 agendas.

This year, at the request of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs which is presiding
over the B20, IBLF joined the secretariat of the B20 Task Force and has been
coordinating the inputs of the 50 or more companies that are participating in the

The recommendations to the G20 focus on four areas where business can and should be
part of the solution:

Enhancing the dialogue between the B20 and the G20 and strengthening the role of the B20.
Combating the solicitation of bribes.
Training and capacity building for companies, SMEs, and public officials.
Encouraging Collective Action and Anti-corruption globally and in each G20 country.

For further information about the B20 recommendations on Transparency and
Anti-corruption or the work of the B20 Task Force, please visit the official B20
or IBLFs B20 pages<http://en.iblfrussia.org/programmes/current/detail.php?ID=811>.

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